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About Us

Alternative Investment Strategies for Exceptional Returns

Not only do we offer traditional financial services, but we also have a deep knowledge in cryptocurrency trading, forex trading and other alternative investment strategies providing exceptional returns. We provide hands-on advice and solutions for our clients.

Our managing partner, Tom Stevenson, began his career in commercial banking over 40 years ago and has been involved in financial consulting for his entire career. US Business Partners has evolved over the years and adapted to the ever changing financial landscape to consistently deliver state of the art counsel and services to both small business owners and individuals. 

Today our focus is on alternative strategies for wealth creation, financial planning and comprehensive cost cutting services.

Automated Trading Systems. Earn compounded income safely, consistently and affordably on autopilot. No trading experience is required and you can start with as little as $300. Register, learn all about it with a 45 day Free Trial. Click here to learn more. 

Cryptocurrency Education and Training. Our Cryptocurrency Consultation Plans provide a great opportunity for new participants in the crypto space to begin learning, get started in a safe way, and experience significantly better investment returns generated with AI software automation. Click here to learn more.  

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