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About Us

Small Business and Individual Financial Consulting

US Business Partners is your premier financial and business coaching service provider, specializing in providing expert guidance and personalized solutions to create exceptional bottom line profitability and long-term wealth. Our tailored consultations and advice empower clients to effectively evaluate their ...

Alternative Investment Strategies for Exceptional Returns

Not only do we offer traditional financial services, but we also have a deep knowledge in cryptocurrency trading, forex trading and other alternative investment strategies providing exceptional returns. We provide hands-on advice and solutions for our clients.

Our managing partner, Tom Stevenson, began his career ...

Summary of our Innovative Financial Solutions

Health Care Sharing

Health Care costs are on the rise and expected to increase by double digits next year. For most of us, insurance all inclusive is our second largest household expense and with inflation hitting harder than ever, we can all benefit from innovative solutions that keep more of our hard earned money in our bank account where it belongs. You can potentially save thousands monthly. Click to learn more! 

Energy Saving Advisory

We help you get 10-50% savings on electricity and natural gas rates in all deregulated states (Northeast, Illinois, Ohio and Texas) for both residential and commercial accounts. Our proprietary Reverse Auction Platform is the secret sauce. Simply put: When suppliers compete for your business, you win! Delivered at zero cost to our clients. Click to learn more! 

Expense Reduction

We can help you lower all your essential monthly bills - Mobile, TV, Internet, Security, Data Backup, Payroll Service, Cyber Security, Software, Trash Removal, pesticide services, etc all without changing providers. We can also perform utility bill auditing services for larger companies that qualify. Again, there is no cost to you. Click to learn more! 

Business Opportunities

Explore your entrepreneurial side with our unique Part Time Business Opportunities (10 in all). Seeking extra income while juggling commitments? Discover diverse options designed for those eager to dip into entrepreneurship without a full dive. Enjoy flexibility, training and community support. Whether a retiree, student, stay at home parent or explorer, these opportunities let you earn while learning, taking charge of your financial path. Start your part-time business now! Click to learn more! 

Passive Income Programs

Unlock financial freedom through our four advanced Passive Income Programs. Escape the 9-to-5 routine as your investments work for you, ensuring a constant income flow. Our expertly designed plans offer effortless earnings, empowering your desired lifestyle. Embrace this opportunity, build a secure future and step into a brighter tomorrow! Click to learn more! 

Cryptocurrency Education, Training & Trading Systems

Our programs provide a great opportunity for new participants in the crypto space to begin learning, get started in a safe way, and experience significantly better investment returns generated with AI software automation. They can also provide an alternative hedge against recessionary trends in more traditional markets. Click to learn more!

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