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Cryptocurrency - The Time has Come

Posted on June 5th, 2023

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell testified that he believes Bitcoin is like Digital Gold and can be used to store value. And because it's digital, Bitcoin has more properties than a physical asset can have:

• Durable: It lives online and can live for infinite generations.

• Portable: You can take it with you in a very simple way.

• Divisible: It’s more divisible than anything physical.

• Scarce: It has a fixed supply. Only 21 million Bitcoin can be mined.

• Immutable: Once a transaction occurs, it can’t erased or changed.

There is no question that cryptocurrency is here to stay. It has been acknowledged by every major traditional financial institution and is covered daily in all the financial reporting media.

Make Your Money Safe Again

In order for your money to be totally safe it must be 'off the grid' so to speak. Here's why. If there is another major financial crash like we saw in 2009, what will happen to your hard earned savings. In a retirement plan or not, your money is vulnerable to a significant decrease in value. In the subsequent years after 2009, real estate also saw a significant decline and stagnation for many years.

So where can you put your savings to protect it, make it grow and create long term wealth?

How to Hedge and Make Money in a Down Market

Trading a commodity, any commodity, is the best way to grow your money and it's the best hedge against a market crash because traders make profits in all markets - up, down or sideways. The challenge is most people don't have the time or the desire to learn how to trade. It is not easy and many have tried and failed to make a living trading.

What if there was a proven system that allowed you to invest in crypto, trade safely and do it on autopilot?

The Eighth Wonder of the World - Compound Interest

Compounding is simply the earning of interest on previously earned interest. There are four factors that impact the effective return on compounding.

1. The amount invested initially or contributed regularly

2. The rate earned - Traditional rates are 8-12%

3. The frequency of compounding - Annually, Quarterly, Monthly, Daily

4. The length of time available - The sooner you start the better

What if there was a system that produced an above average rate of return and compounded on a daily or weekly basis?

Take Back Control of Your Savings and Grow Wealthier

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