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Energy Saving Advisory

Energy Advisory service is provided through our subsidiary company US Energy Network. Save 10-50% working closely with us helping our clients to understand their unique energy needs and develop a customized strategy that aligns with their business goals.

Our proprietary Reverse Auction Platform helps businesses, schools, churches and all types of organizations procure the lowest possible electricity and natural gas rates. Simply put: When suppliers compete for your business, you win!

US Energy Network also serves residential customers with the best rates and terms offered in the industry with no penalty for early termination. There is no cost to you and it literally takes three minutes online to enroll and start saving between 10-50% on the supply portion of your bill depending on your market area.

So, if you're looking for an all-encompassing energy management solution, look no further than our Energy Advisory service. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business achieve its energy goals.

Click here for Residential Rates. It takes three minutes to enroll.  

Click here for more information on Commercial & Industrial Rates. 


We are now offering Solar Energy Services in your State. Maybe you have considered going Solar in the past but weren't sure where to start or did you investigate but find it was too expensive?

Things have changed dramatically in the last few years that impact feasibility:

  • Standard electricity rates are climbing - 50% in just the last two years
  • Technology continues to improve
  • Panel costs are down significantly
  • Tax incentives are back
  • Batteries are now available
  • Electric Vehicle popularity has increased demand for electricity

We can help you do the feasibility analysis and crunch the numbers at no obligation. No Robo calls, no harassing text messages, no high pressure sales tactics, just thorough analysis and straight answers to all your questions.

Contact us today, all we need is a recent electricity bill to get you started with a free evaluation.

As a Business Opportunity, joining our team means you'll be able to earn $500-1000 just for a simple referral or start your own Solar Business as a licensed Home Improvement Sales Agent.

- Direct Sales Training and support

- Partnered Sales if you don't want to work alone

- Build and lead a team of sales agents and earn unlimited multilevel overrides.

Click Here to view a 30 minute Business Overview Presentation.

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