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Solar Energy

We are now offering Residential and Commercial Solar Energy Services in 35 States across the country. Chances are your State is one of them.

We have partnered with the largest and most reputable national installation company, Freedom Forever.

Maybe you have considered going Solar in the past but weren't sure where to start or didn't know who to trust. Perhaps you did investigate but find it too expensive?

Things have changed dramatically in the last few years that impact feasibility for the average homeowner:

  • Standard electricity rates are climbing - 50% in just the last two years in the Northeast.
  • Technology continues to improve
  • Panel costs are down significantly
  • Tax incentives are back
  • Batteries are now available
  • Electric Vehicle popularity has increased the demand for electricity

We can help you do the feasibility analysis and crunch the numbers at no obligation. No high pressure sales tactics, just a thorough analysis and straight answers to all your questions.

Contact us today, all we need is your address, phone number and a recent electricity bill.

Visit our Oncore Solar Website for more information.

As a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, joining our team means you'll be able to earn $500-1000 just for a simple referral or start your own Solar Business as an authorized Sales Agent.

- Direct Sales Training and support with average earnings of $7,000 per installation.

- Partnered/Mentored Sales if you don't want to work alone with average earnings of $3,500.

- Build and lead a team of sales agents and earn unlimited multilevel overrides of 20% and up..

Check out the Business Overview Presentation for more information. Click Here. 

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